Monday, September 13, 2010

June 17th Project Completion Ceremony

Our journey throughout the past year has been amazing. The culmination of all of the time, effort and hard work from the Ghana team members and our in-country support in Patriensa came to fruition on our last day in the village. With the well system constructed and in full operation, we as students who were provided a chance to participate in the project were overwhelmed. What the community did for us next was beyond everything we expected.

The last day of our stay in Patriensa Pastor Kofi and other prominent members of the community organized a ceremony officially handing over the well to the community. It was a Saturday but at least 100 children showed up in their school uniforms. Members of the church came out in their Sunday best. Officials from all over the region came to witness and participate in this joyous ceremony.

Give the chance to say a few words to the community, I wanted to express how grateful we are for all of the support and love we received during our stay. It was common for community members to thank us for all we have given up to travel and dedicate our time to providing their children and town with a clean water source. While speaking to the attendees I told them, “We are grateful for all you have done for us and anything that we have lost or given up has been returned to us 100 fold in the joy, love, experience and friendship we have gained.”

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