Monday, September 13, 2010

June 9th, 2010

The well system is completely functioning! There are 2 60 foot deep wells and an elevated storage tank in place behind the elementary school. This work was completed before our arrival by Nana Yaw Kwakye’s team. These wells have been hand dug. The men climb down the ladder-less hole using nothing but hand and foot holds dug into the well walls. They then lower a pick axe and a light and begin digging away. Other workers stand on the edges of the well (precariously, I might add!) hauling up the ropes attached to buckets which contain the water and sediment in the bottom of the well. The wells are deep but Mr. Kwakye would prefer a few more feet of depth prior to completion.

We have gone to Konongo to purchase additional supplies to complete the distribution system that will be our addition to the construction project. We will dig 400 feet of trench in which to lay the PVC pipes to 2 different distribution points. We are working with a plumber and mason on Mr. Kwakye’s team. They do not speak much English so we have been using the translating services of our helper Francis.
Once we lay out piping system there will be two spigots located on school grounds for students to access clean water with the turn of a knob.

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